Current Events

Special Sessions in IEEE-ISIE 2021:

SS-01 Energy Storage System Modeling and Monitoring System
Co-Chairs: Bharat Balagopal, Mo-Yuen Chow, Chengbin Ma

SS-02 Energy Storage Systems for Electric Vehicles
Co-Chairs: Bharat Balagopal, Mo-Yuen Chow, Federico Baronti

SS-15 Motion Control and Robust Control for Robotics and Manipulators
Co-Chairs: Ligang Wu, Jianxing Liu, Weiran Yao, Guanghui Sun, Jose Ignacio LEON GALVAN

Special Sessions in IEEE-ICPS 2021:

SS-09 Resilient and Swarm Cooperative Control of Complex Cyber-Physical Systems
Co-Chairs: Bohui Wang, Bin Zhang, Xiwang Dong, Yu Zhao

Past Events